About us

At Festina Sweden, we’re creating purposefully connected products for the Festina Group. We’re bridging the gap between traditional watchmaking and the modern person. The person who wants to stay connected while looking stylish.

With the legacy originating from Kronaby, our small team of only a few has grown bigger since its launch in 2019. We’re responsible for all connected products developed for the Festina Group, in our Malmö office.

We take great pride in how we work and set up our teams and it’s important to us that everyone feels part of delivering great products.

Festina Sweden is bridging the gap between traditional watchmaking and the need to stay connected.

Caroline – People & operations manager

A bit of history

Festina Sweden was created after the Festina Group acquired Kronaby in 2019. Festina Group is a multi-brand, known for its watches across the world. They deliver quality, customer service and invention. The headquarters are in Barcelona, ​​with a production centre in Switzerland.

Festina Sweden’s office is located in the heart of Malmö, close to all communication, shops and restaurants.