Welcome to a new era of teamwork

When the pandemic hit across the globe, we found out we weren’t really ready for it. Even though we are a tech company and rely on technology for our everyday work, working from home is still not the workspace experience. It’s not really translatable. But thankfully we have learned a lot during the year. Even as we’re still on the learning path, we wanted to share our key findings with effective teamwork so far.

Teamwork in the digital era

At Festina Sweden, this has been a huge learning experience. How do we translate the office experience into the online world? We have good internet connections, but that’s not enough. However, more than anything working from home has empowered people in a lot of ways. Even though you are working, you’re owning your own time in a completely different way than before.

When people feel empowered, delivery is more on point too. And I think it’s that realisation that’s important in any business. When there’s mutual trust, amazing things can happen.

Of course, trust falls don’t just happen automatically. Still, Our biggest finding from the last year on has been that autonomy and physiological safety are the key drivers of teams delivering results.

Psychological safety

Autonomy and safety have been a part of our company values from the beginning. But having them listed wasn’t enough. We had to show the way by living with them and leading by example.

Like teamwork. What does it actually mean, teamwork? We know it’s needed and most companies have similar team setups. But I would argue that real teamwork is when you get into the core of a team. When you get to be in a team setup. It’s a skill. For some people, it comes more naturally than for others. But with the right set of tools, support, continuous learning and curiosity I think anyone can learn it.

This is why teamwork will be at the centre of what we do this Autumn. Building strong self-lead teams is definitely one of the components of this new era. Because of this, we have decided to strengthen all teams starting now and change the rules about common practice.

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